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Art rating and posting
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This is a community for posting and rating. You may post any and all forms of art.
This meant to be an inspirational community to all artists in all mediums.
Post as many peices as you would like. Please only post one picture at a time so it can be rated accordingly.

You may rate a picture by posting a comment.
Please put the number of rating first in your comment and what you would like to say after.
It should look something like this:

8 "I really like this painting. I think the colors are vibrant and it is really well executed. Thank you for sharing"

Please be kind to all artists. Only constructive critism will be tolerated.
This is a not a private community but all comments will be reviewed.
I hope this community will be inspirational helpful and informative to all!

Here are some ideas of things to post:

Fine art, body art, face painting, tattoos, tattoo designs, pen and ink, pencil portraits, digital art, vector art, traditional art, cartoon/comics, photography, street art, fan art, fashion, collage, sculpture, mixed media, abstract, fantasy, pop art, sci-fi, graffiti, surreal and much much more....